A police investigation looking into allegations of corruption against Toronto's police drug squad has revealed that police supervisors ignored a brutal beating of a suspect.

A report obtained by CBC Radio News claims Chris Quigley suffered serious head and chest injuries while in the custody of drug officers at the center of the corruption scandal.

The internal report also claims that while he was interrogated for nine hours he was denied a lawyer, medical treatment and was ignored when he complained.

Quigley has always maintained that he had been beaten, tortured and robbed five years ago when Toronto Police drug squad officers arrested him on suspicion of dealing marijuana.

"I am extremely happy that people are listening and will take notice of what happened to me because it was absolutely horrific," he said. "It's something I live with everyday."

The investigation revealed that after his interrogation Quigley emerged bleeding from his face and having trouble breathing after being kicked in the ribs.

The report goes on to say that he was put in a holding cell asking for medical help but that it wasn't until an hour later that an ambulance was finally called.

"They should have got him medical care at a far earlier stage," said Quigley's lawyer Peter Biro. "They should have reported his complaint to the Special Investigation Unit."

The report said little about the behavior of the drug officers but concluded that the sergeant on duty committed a serious of breach of conduct and that his lack of action allowed the whole thing to remain undetected.

Toronto police wouldn't comment on the case, but said its usual policy was to treat prisoners' injuries and take their complaints seriously.